Saturday, October 30, 2004

blogging in format

Introduction: one week. extremely eventful.

Presentation. wasn't smooth at first. why did i choose such a difficult product to advertise? But thank God. Lecturers made exceptions for me. It went well. They liked what I had. Anticipating the outcome of my final product. *yeay!*

Turned 21 more gracefully than I expected. It was a great day which started off with candles and happy, smiley faces. Wonderful sms from my mom. Secret Recipe Mud Cake in the afternoon with lotsa people. *A Big thank you goes out to all you wonderful people who find joy in embarassing lil birthday girls with loud singing in the food court during lunch hour* . Went for CG where we berbonding-bonding . I might be a bad influence on my cg leader. lol. A great big hug goes out to my homies - da gurls of A1-0-10, my future room mate, my fav rockstar, rubber band dudes, Peri-Peri, LeoKoo, Lifelesone and my BM pals.

The day after. Emo button turned on. Working on my thesis. Chapter 1 = 2 pages. Not good. Bumming around. Still working on Chapter 1. Dance practice! I'm getting old. Power packed dance. Do you realise that i've got the stamina of a dead duck??? But good workout. *Reminder - eat before working out and cut down on your coffee intake Mel!!!*

Shopping!!!! Great company. Tried on waaaayyy too many dresses and skirts. (Last time I did that was 2 years ago) Best shopping experience since... hrmm.....i dun't remember! I'm all sore now. But gotta keep going!
The Terminal. Cinema nite at A1-0-10. I fell asleep. Nothing new there.

Conclusion: Awesome week. The good and bad happens for a reason. The good sometimes wipes out the bad. But the bad, make you a stronger person.


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