Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Human scum

You know how we always classify people as being a certain 'kind', like owhh that group of girls are what you call 'bimbos' and those are the melancholic type of people, on your far right are the self-righteous ones, these here are real bad...they smoke and drink and do drugs openly. And that group of peole...demn and them over there they're sleeping with each other. Then you have the metros and gays, goodness knows what they're up to.
Have you ever been guilty of 'labeling' people. I know I have.
If aliens existed they'd be like "Urghh Human Scum. You're poluting our milky way."
"Me? nonono...I havent even been to space. It's those space invaders who want to conquer all!!!"
"Shesshhh.....dua kali lima, lima kali dua. Die mofos dieeeeeeeeeeee."
And there goes the human race.
The end.


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