Monday, October 18, 2004


What I Love bout Home:
  • I get to drink my favourite Pat Poh peng at every coffee shop I go to.
  • Food is cheap so I get to order more than one dish and miraculously, I manage to finish it too!!
  • I get endless hugs from my family.
  • I get to cuddle my dog, Lady.
  • Using the toilet with the door open.
  • Walking around the house with a KIKO shirt.
  • Astro
  • DVD's!!!!!
  • My grandma's coffee
  • My mom's Milo moments. (us gathering in the kitchen just before bedtime giggling bout everything over a cup of milo)
  • The feeling of never being alone.

*list not in any paticular order.

I just got back to Cyber and I miss BM already. I won't be going back till Christmas, so all those hugs and kisses better keep me sustained till then!


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