Tuesday, October 05, 2004

what's important?

Just sitting down and wondering what are my priorities in life. DO i place importance in the things that matter most? or do those things get left unnoticed...untouched.
Trivial things like missing CF or not participating in CF activities nag at me from time to time? Shud i place importance in that or my work which is ever increasing? If i missed CF cause i was busy consoling a friend who was down in the dumps, did i do right? Some would think not.
I got irked at a friend today. But all he did was pray. That God would 'provide friends to be with me when I'm lonely, to help me not always feel down and alone' I should be touched at such a prayer but why da heck was i so irritated. I was touched to a certain extent. Maybe i was just being picky as to who I wanted to 'be with me when i felt alone'. Maybe i felt like my 'friend' didnt wanna do the job of keeping me company so he was praying that someone else would.
Silly i know. So why do people get irked at the humbleest of prayers. Are our prayers really all that sincere. I know sometimes mine aren't. We say what people want us to say or what people want to hear....
There are so many self righteous people out there you know.....I might be one sometimes. Am i really showing God's love to people i meet or am i just like the girls in Saved?
Drifting thoughts. I'm ok in this place i'm in right now. Happy that i've left behind my drunken nights, smoky times and and weed whacking moments. The only high i get now is from the Lord. Maybe i'm just starting to get used to the idea that life's not all up and down moments. That's lots going on in between. Parts where ure not supposed to fit in but you're just supposed to walk through, look-see, touch a little and move on.
To that friend...I now appreciate your prayer.


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