Thursday, November 18, 2004

I hate it when people try to figure me out just by reading my blog. It's funny when you read something and then a dozen questions come to mind and you wonder if i'm talking about you or if "end it all" means i'm gonna kill myself.
I know its fun to read blogs but please don't think you know a person just by reading their blog. I dont know bout all the other bloggers out there but I HATE it when people think they know you or they know what makes you tick or they know what emotions i go through just by reading my blog. I appreciate the concern. But i hate being figured out. If i wanted to be figured out, i'd go to a shrink.
And just so you know, 'You, You and you' mean people in general. Not a paticular person. And I hate commenting on poems or songs i write as i feel they're self explanatory. SO dont ask questions like..."did that come from the heart?" Where else would it come from???
I don't mean to scare away readers....its just that, I feel i should be able to say whatever i wanna say without having people judge me (whether in a good way, or bad) for it. It's good to hear opinions no doubt, but just cause you read me, It doesn't mean you know me.


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