Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas and the day after

Had a fabulous Christmas. My family's awesome! I thank God for them. I thank God for bringing back Malcom to us. His near death experience shook my whole family. Over all this has been a year of Thnksgiving. For the good and bad and everything in between.

(left)Me with my brother and sister (right)Me and my cousin Malcom

And the the tragedy which shook Asia. The earthquake and tidal wave left us shaking cause we could have been the ones swept away. My family and I were scheduled to leave for the Island at 11am on Sunday morning. The plan was to get to the apartment, check in, then i'd go kayaking while my sister swam with my cousins at the beach.
But i fell sick so I stayed back in BM to rest and my sister decided to wait for my cousins from Ipoh. My mom left at 11.30am and headed for the apartments which were right by the beach. She checked in and then headed out to get groceries at about 12 something or 1pm. She drove past Tanjung Tokong to Gurney and parked her car at Gurney Plaza. The tidal wave hit Tanjung Tokong area at 1 something wiping everything clear out of its way. My mom had missed it by minutes.
I guess if i hadn't fallen sick and if my sister hadn't waited behind, we would have been swept away by the waves too. Scary thought. I thank God for unfortunate fortunate events. Here's some pics I took of the disaster.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

3 more days!

It's 3 more days to Christmas!!! I'm all excited and bubbly inside. I had to submit an assignment earlier then the rest which is a drag but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to leave for home on Christmas time.
For us, Christmas is like a really really big deal. It's like how the Chinese see New Years. Our tree is up by 1st December. Cookies are made and my shopping starts in November! Plans are made with family. We usually spend Christmas with my mom's family is Penang. So we either gather at my house on the mainland, or my uncle's house on the Island. But before that, about 2 weeks before Christmas, I go on a wild and frantic search for a dress or some kind of formal attire to wear for Christmas mass. For those of you who know me, you'd know i'm not really a 'dress' person but this is like tradition! I've been doin it since i was a kid. Well actually it's just to please my mom and dad who love seeing their girls in dresses.
(might put in pics later if i dare)
Usually, I reserve the 23rd and 24th for last minute shopping with my brother. I love this part cause I usually get to pick my own gift! *lol* Plus, my brother is the ultimate shopping partner!!! Then we rush home to his room where i spend hours wrapping presents. And my mom and dad will pop in to drop off presents for me to wrap as well. I guess you could say i'm the official 'gift wrapper' at my house.
Then at 10pm on the 24th we go off to mass. (My parents are Catholics) I catch up with my girlfriends and just enjoy the whole service. I love this part as well cause it's always been just Felicia, Doreena, Joanne and me chilling at the back of the church and greeting all those well wishers. Joanne gets extra hugs and longer stares though cause of her fantastic dresses but you look gorgeous dear so soak in the attention!
When we head back home at 12am...the whole family is there and we dig in to a hearty meal of roast lamb and sometimes turkey. Then the oldest man of the house puts on the santa cap and starts distributing presents. After that's done, We sit around and listen to old recordings that my grandparents made at Christmas and we remember them fondly. We talk about days long gone when we were all younger and how Christmas was then. We remember family who's not with us and those who are far away. Then the phone calls start coming in and we greet uncles and aunts in Burma, Australia and Canada and the states as well as our cousins.
Of course we all wish that we could all be together again as one huge mob and well...maybe we will...some day.
Christmas means the world to me. It's always been about family and it really does happen in your heart. This God given Joy surpasses my understanding and i'll always marvel at how each Christmas I learn to appreciate my family all the more.

Wanna take this time to also wish all you guys a blessed Christmas. To my Girlfriends from BM, I'll miss ya'll loads this year. To Jason, Leona and Nicky, have fun back home aight! To my awesome housemates, be blessed! To the Cyber Dudes and Duddettes, Rock on this Christmas! To the people of FGC, have a blessed Christmas. To my fellow bloggers.....get out and have some fun aight.

Friday, December 17, 2004

I'm a little sunflower

Did you know that the sunflower actually follows the sun as it rises and then tracks it across the sky till it sets? During the night, it shifts back to face the east so that it can again catch the sunrise. It is totally focused on the sun. It has eyes only for the sun. Its whole life revolves around the sun. Somehow I think that is what following the Son of God means – totally focused on Him, having eyes only for Him, everything about us revolving around Him.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

the one about the holidays

Road Trip: Fabulous! Cyberjaya - Camerons - Ipoh - Penang - Kota Bharu - Kuala Terengganu - Kuantan - Cyberjaya. Beaches--->Awesome!!! I love the east coast!!! Shall go there again when it's not the monsoon season. Company-->hilarious. Cheers to Bea, Daniel, Benjamin, Leona and Kae Ee.

R&R in Penang: Didn't get to rest or relax. Was up and about driving people around and shopping for Christmas. I did two whole days of walking. *groan* my poor feet. Took me 7 hours to get back to Cyber on Tuesday. Zonked out.

Dance: Practice for CyberChristmas is on full swing. It's been fun. But i'm getting old. Body's aching!! And Lenard...I can't do those cartwheels!!! I'm not 9 anymore!!!