Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Flash dreams

I've been up to my nose in work what with my fyp due next week. I'm finally getting the momentum to keep going and decided to tackle the extremely hard part of my flash scripts. I worked till bout 5.30am this morning and decided I should head to bed so that i can have a fresh start the next morning.
When you go to bed you'd expect decent sleep with your whole body and mind at rest. But what I didn't expect was my mind still at work trying to solve the Flash problems i was facing.
I needed to create a slider which when toggled made the image above change captions. Complicating I know... especially for a person who just learnt Flash 2 weks ago! Well in my dream I was franctically trying out different ways to solve the problem...... i remember seeing the Flash file and I remember saying to myself 'mask it...mask all the layers' And then I woke up.
SO yeah i'm trying to 'mask it' now. Have no idea if it'll work. But if i still don't know how to do it...i'll just create a Play button to make the animation just run through. Urghh! If only I'd started learning Flash sooner!


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