Saturday, April 30, 2005


It's strange how when i log on to blogger and just start typing away I manage to come up with stuf which some might think of as just random ramblings while others might consider them 'Words of Wisdom' *ahemm* And i could actually go on and on if only time would permit me to.

But then when I log on to blogger with a mission - to blog with a topic in mind or with an objective, I come up with mere essay-type posts which beat around the bush and end up not-so purposeful at all and which usually end up being chucked.

I wonder if Carrie ever faced such situations? Well yeah I know she's a fictional character but someone had to write those articles for Sex In The City right? What about Ginger? She happens to be one of my favourite cartoon characters.
Well i aspire to be the next Carrie. Well no, I'm not going to be writing about sex in the city cause first of all, I don't live in the city and secondly, I don't think you wanna hear about sex from me! :p
Hey maybe I could do a Malaysian version - Sex In The Kampung! Err...maybe not. That sounds so wrong! Especially after recent news involving poultry and goats. *shudder*

Well anyway, back to blogging. I think it's cool that so many people are into it these days. I know some people think that it's over-used now and therefore not special anymore or not elite but i'm one who's all for expression through writing. I even write to communicate with people in my own home! But that doesn't always go too well. Some people just don't understand simple English!!! ( Actually i'm just chicken and don't know how to express an argument verbally so I have to succumb to writing it out and allow my views to be subjected to various degrees of interpretation which usually makes things a whole lot worse )

Maybe i'm just not that much of a 'writer' after all. Maybe this is all just random ramblings. Unintelligable musings of a not-so-active mind. (Bkt Mertajam kinda dulls you a lil')
Or maybe, what i've written, has subliminal messages planted strategically all over and you just sat through this involuntarily soaking in messages that will be deciphered by your unseen eye. *hah!*

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I was just leafing through my bible when i came across this verse
" He who overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and He shall be My son." - Revelations 21:7
Now what is it exactly that we're sposed to overcome? And how do we overcome it?
"For whatever is born of God overcomes the world." 1 John 5:4"
I know that I am born of God. We're all a new creation. Born again in His newness.
So why is it that instead of SHAKING the world, I'm shaking IN the world?

Monday, April 25, 2005

just a thought

Waiting on the Lord is like waiting for your browser to load.
Sometimes you get the page you want,
sometimes you get an invalid link
and sometimes 'page not found'
* taps fingers on keyboard impatiently*

now what?

It sucks not having anything to do. Its the first day home and I'm just walking round my house aimlessly. Life here is sooo different compared to Cyber. At least in Cyber I had my own space, my computer, my stuff all around me. My friends were just a hop away. Over here it's like solitary confinement. Well okay so i'm exaggerating. It ain't that bad but it sure feels like it. I've got my pc here 'not so fully Jimmy', tons of comics, books and Astro but somehow I can't keep myself busy with just resting or lazying about. Feels like i've been working and working in MMU and I've forgotten what it's like to be on a break. I spent half my time at MMU wishing i was on a break and when its finally here, I wanna get back to work! *hehh*
Well camp was awesome though. Really had a blast. Felt awesome to end your time at CF at the very same campsite and people you beginned your life as a CF-er. Well that's over now....time to move on i guess. I'm not finding it exceptionally hard to move on. I even want to move on. But the thing is...I don't know what to move on to! I don't know if i'm cut out to do the things i wanna do. And then there's the whole deal about doing the things that God wants me to do. *lol* Maybe i just think too much.
shall go make some phone calls.
The AIDS home maybe? Or church? That's what i really wanna do.
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

final party of uni life

*good shit*

What a way to celebrate the anniversary of your baptism. You asshole.

- stoner bangang -

Thursday, April 14, 2005

song of the fat lady~

It is finished! The fat lady has sung! And tho it wasn't a very nice song it's still a song nonetheless and it singnifies the end of my dramatic play called Uni Life.

On the presentation:
me: ok so when u click this button, it shows you the mood waves of a person with depression. You can see that the waves are......ummm....errrrr......the waves are.........crap. ok lets move on to the next one.
This graph shows the brain waves of a person on Prozac. You can see that it's more umm.....stable and the waves are umm......umm.... heck nevermind.
crowd: *silence*
me: yada yada....ok i'm done.
crowd: *silence*

On final papers:
concentrate mel!!!!! I swear i tried to read. I really did. Notice I didn't say study. Yes read, through my text books and the 100 over slides i had for Basic Economics, Accounts and Management as well as for Introduction to Cyberpreneurship. But my mind kept floating away to which part of the house should I clear? And then at the pile of DVD's and i kept thinking 'okay i gotta return those to Alvin and those to Chiam and that one to Jason and owhh those are Michelle's and' yeah you get the picture.
And in the exam hall, I had to be seated right in front. I HATE sitting in front. Stoopid lecturers would be walking back and forth tapping their heels, chattering in whispers. I couldn't concentrate on day dreaming mannn!!!!! Well couldn't concentrate on my paper also la.

Anyways...I'm ALL DONE NOW!!! Unless I get called back for a supplementary paper! Urk! I pray I don't. And for the first time ever, I went out without having a care in the world. WIthout having to worry about coming back early to continue with work. Din go far la.....only to Malee. I still had some flyer to design for church.

Owhh and then.....*drumm roll* ....we had our 2nd house meeting in TWO years!!!! *gasp* We sat in a different position than we did last time. The pareo was involved again. There were blankets and sleeping bags as well this time. It was the funnest meeting ever. Boy am I gonna miss those girls. In the 2 years plus that we've lived together we never once argued and there weren't any clashes of any kind, to my knowledge la. well maybe that's the reason our place is always so dirty. Hehh. But owhh well, we're cleaning up soon enough.
I tidied up till 6 this morning and my work area still looks like a dump. *sigh* I'm so not ready to pack and leave yet. Anyways before I leave I just wanna say that I love you gals at A1-0-10. You rock my world! with your laughter and our silly conversations and for friendship and I thank you for making life at MMU all the more fun. *hugz*
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

what's new?

Status: 5 more days to submission.
Updates on FYP : 87% COMPLETED!!!!!
Current status on emotions: Stable
Last depressive bout: 2 weeks ago
Current home: A3-3-9
Presentation date/time: Not Determined
Departure for Penang: 17th April 2005
Future Plans: NONE!

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Jimmy almost Died!!!!!!!!!!!
Well sorta.
Imagine being 2 weeks away from submission and all your life's work being in your pc and it suddenly dies leaving you gaping at the empty hole it created as it made a place in your life. It's a special place where that square box stands beeping and humming with u all day from the time you wake up till the time you go to bed. Sharing your joy and your frustration. Listening in on every word you say, keeping your innermost secrets. We are ONE, Jimmy and I. He keeps secrets really well. And all my thoughts are his thoughts. We're inseperable!!
And to almost loose him like that..... I cringe at the thought of living my life without him.
Anyways, he's safe now. Humming away happily in Nicky's pc. Thank you Nicky for saving him. And well I've actually got a stand-in for Jimmy. Currently doing my work on Audrey's lappy. Thanks a million Audz. Really appreciate this.
One obstacle overcome. Pushing onwards till the next one appears. Thank you Lord for providing.


weekend at BU

I decided on Friday night to follow my brother back to his 'weekend home' in Bandar Utama. I didnt really wanna go cause of the ammount of work I had but somehow I found myself packing anyway. It's been a good weekend away from Cyber so far. I'm in this big, sorta empty house blogging from the empty master bedroom and getting a backache from crouching on the floor. I've been doin nothign at all except catching up on my movies on Astro.
Spent the whole of Saturday with a friend and it was AWESOME! I miss window shopping and having meals on a proper table and chair with plates laden with good scrumptious food. ahhh BLISS~!~!
This trip although good is not without its exceptions. I'm giving up my ipod after this. My brother got his car stereo fixed and well...its all equipped and ipod friendly now. *sigh* But then, i'll be getting his Sony CD Walkman which isn't a good trade at all but I guess its better than nothing right?
Well i'm off to look for javascript tutorials. In the mean time, check out these 2 weirdos.
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