Saturday, April 30, 2005


It's strange how when i log on to blogger and just start typing away I manage to come up with stuf which some might think of as just random ramblings while others might consider them 'Words of Wisdom' *ahemm* And i could actually go on and on if only time would permit me to.

But then when I log on to blogger with a mission - to blog with a topic in mind or with an objective, I come up with mere essay-type posts which beat around the bush and end up not-so purposeful at all and which usually end up being chucked.

I wonder if Carrie ever faced such situations? Well yeah I know she's a fictional character but someone had to write those articles for Sex In The City right? What about Ginger? She happens to be one of my favourite cartoon characters.
Well i aspire to be the next Carrie. Well no, I'm not going to be writing about sex in the city cause first of all, I don't live in the city and secondly, I don't think you wanna hear about sex from me! :p
Hey maybe I could do a Malaysian version - Sex In The Kampung! Err...maybe not. That sounds so wrong! Especially after recent news involving poultry and goats. *shudder*

Well anyway, back to blogging. I think it's cool that so many people are into it these days. I know some people think that it's over-used now and therefore not special anymore or not elite but i'm one who's all for expression through writing. I even write to communicate with people in my own home! But that doesn't always go too well. Some people just don't understand simple English!!! ( Actually i'm just chicken and don't know how to express an argument verbally so I have to succumb to writing it out and allow my views to be subjected to various degrees of interpretation which usually makes things a whole lot worse )

Maybe i'm just not that much of a 'writer' after all. Maybe this is all just random ramblings. Unintelligable musings of a not-so-active mind. (Bkt Mertajam kinda dulls you a lil')
Or maybe, what i've written, has subliminal messages planted strategically all over and you just sat through this involuntarily soaking in messages that will be deciphered by your unseen eye. *hah!*


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