Sunday, April 03, 2005

weekend at BU

I decided on Friday night to follow my brother back to his 'weekend home' in Bandar Utama. I didnt really wanna go cause of the ammount of work I had but somehow I found myself packing anyway. It's been a good weekend away from Cyber so far. I'm in this big, sorta empty house blogging from the empty master bedroom and getting a backache from crouching on the floor. I've been doin nothign at all except catching up on my movies on Astro.
Spent the whole of Saturday with a friend and it was AWESOME! I miss window shopping and having meals on a proper table and chair with plates laden with good scrumptious food. ahhh BLISS~!~!
This trip although good is not without its exceptions. I'm giving up my ipod after this. My brother got his car stereo fixed and well...its all equipped and ipod friendly now. *sigh* But then, i'll be getting his Sony CD Walkman which isn't a good trade at all but I guess its better than nothing right?
Well i'm off to look for javascript tutorials. In the mean time, check out these 2 weirdos.
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