Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mom's in hospital. Op went well. Please pray for a speedy recovery. Those that have been calling/ sms ing/ praying/ thinking...whatever....thanks a bunch. Love y'all loads!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Last day in Vietnam. :( wanna stay longer but Perhentian awaits me. I haven't been able to sleep much here so i'm hoping some beach air would do me good. Don't quite like Vietnamese food but maybe that's just cause I haven't been exposed to it all that much. Beef noodles were good and the rice paper rolls were awesome. But i still think Thai food's the best. Vietnamese people are great and I just love the Au Dai ( the Vietnamese costume) Made one for myself and it didn't cost all that much. Looking forward to coming home but I sure am gonna miss this place. How can you not grow to love the people in cone hats squatting by the roadside, spitting by the roadside and driving on every side of the road. hehe.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


If USD 1 equals to 15,000 Dong,
and USD 1 equals to RM 4,
how much is RM 1 to the Vietnamese Dong?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Apparantly, you cant get too much of sleep, or too little sleep.
You can't think too much, or think too little.
You can't eat too much and neither can you eat too little.
You definately can't shit too much, or shit too little!
So where's the balance between these procedures?
I'm one who sleeps too little, thinks too much, eats too little and shits too much! (ok so the last bit of info, you didn't really need to know. But it's only cause i'm not used to Indian food anymore and being an Indian, that ain't good at all!!!)
I'm supposed to be on a holiday but I don't feel at all rested. And neither am I enjoying myself. I should be relaxing but my muscles feel all knotted up. I decided to do some yoga and pilates cause I was told it helps relax and strengthen your back but i'm not feeling it. All i feel is my lower back groaning in pain "Agony! owwwhhh AGONYY!"
This renowned couch potato can no longer sit idle in front of the tv. It's become mundane and boring plus I keep picturing my ass getting bigger from the gravitational pull (is that possible?) while I sit on my couch motionless except for my fingers clicking numbly at the remote control.
I need to get a life! I should be preparing for my trip to Vietnam. I should finish reading those 6 books i borrowed. I should be sweating it out at the gym preparing for my trip to Perhentian.
Since i'm going on and on about "I should" I guess I should also definately start looking for a job.
Hehh. Well, after this movie k.