Monday, June 20, 2005

job hunt begins!

I've sort of had enough of bumming around. It's not that i'm not having fun. I'm actually having a blast!! Crashing at Engz and Mr. All-Rounder's place has been awesome. I haven't laughed that much in the past 2 months as i've done the past week at Suria G-6.
But I have to head back to reality soon. And by 'soon' i mean this Thursday! As much as I wanted to leave Cyber last semester, I wanna stay here this time. It's been home to me for the past 4 years. It's seen me through a whole load of ups and downs. And I don't really wanna move on just yet. But I guess i'll have to. Bangsar awaits me. A whole street of snotty people whom you'll only see if you're out walking your dog. And if you don't have a dog, you're probrably some old stuck up spinster living in a huge house all by yourself living a mundane monotonous life without a little doggie to crap over your stuff and keep you company. And if you do go out, u'll still be alone and friendless cause you don't have a dog and everyone on the street only speak to those who have dogs! Buoy what a life i'm walking into.
Was supposed to move in last weekend. But due to unforeseen circumstances. My stuff is still lying in one of the rooms, exposed and bare and just waiting for the 2 adorable mutts to come poking in and ruffling through and maybe they might drop a bomb or pee on my clothes or boxes. who knows. Let's hope their parents trained them well. Silly Lilly peed right in the dining area when i got back on Saturday. Sheeshh. Dumb dog. Well actually dumb parents! Can't you take your dogs out for a walk??? (Let's hope my cousins don't read blogs.)
Tiger Lilly's cute tho. Minus the peeing and pooping and all. She kinda cheered me up on Saturday. T-Rex, well he's the macho one. Humps everything in sight. euch. Esp his huge Nemo stuff toy. It cost 60 bucks too! What kinda parent gets their dog a RM60 sex toy? Owh well i'm gonna miss those mutts when they're off to their new house next week.
Back to the job hunt. Still looking. And still praying for direction. I've given up on the idea of dying young. (thanks Lenard) Looks like it aint gonna happen anytime soon. SO i REALLY have to move on with life. Darn.


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