Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Noob on YM

My mom's the most hillarious person I know. She can be really blur at times and she says the darnest things!

Like for instance:
Mel: Hey look at that Hyundai!
Mom: Huhh? Cute guy?? Where? Where?

And recently we introduced her to the wonders of Yahoo Messenger:
My bro and I were online when I suddenly saw her id online.

Mom: owh thank God it's you Liz. I just spoke to some weirdo 21 year old guy who just told me he's a virgin!
Mel: Mom! Haven't I thought you not to talk to strangers!

Mom: Hey I kinda like the bally signs!
Shan: Bally signs???
Mel: What's that?
Mom: The yellow balls!
Mel: Owhhhh the emoticons!!!!

While talking about my convocation:
Mom: Hey someone gave me a bottle of wine from Paris. I'll bring it down and we can drink before the convocation.
Mel: Before??
Mom: Yeah lets get Liz drunk before she goes up stage.
Shan: Woohoo yeah and you can go up stage and strip! I'm sure you'll be remembered in MMU.

While telling us about her conversation to someone's son:
Mom: Yeah she's crazy. She went bald! I wouldn't put it past her to do anything crazy. Owh you can go check her out on Frankster.
Mel: You told him what???? Frankster???? LoL.
Shan: Haha. She's picking a match for you! Some Indian boy from Tamil Nadu.
Mel: Oi! Don't curse me!
Mom: Don't worry Shan, I'll have one for you too! She'll sweep you off your feet.
Shan: No mom, I'll fall on my feet. Gagging and vomitting.

Hehe I can't wait for convo weekend. Well not cause I wanna go for convo or anything. I just wanna meet up with my family! We haven't been all together like all 6 of us in a long long time. Close to half a year i think. It's gonna be fun! (I hope!)

Friday, July 29, 2005


It's coming into the fourth month.
This sucks.
I'll scream at the next person who asks me bout my job hunt status.
You'll find me shrivelled up and dead in a few week's time.
I'm still allergic to this place.
Came back with a cold and sore throat.
My allergies are acting up again.
My phone line's cut. Well I can't call out. Can still receive though. Strange that my strymx still works. *shrug*
They didn't pay when they left.
Time to exercise self control.
I'm gonna make myself sick with pasta this week.
That's bout all I have.
At least I cook better now. Hehh. Still comin up with loads of experimental stuff. I've had good guinea pigs. *grin*
On a different note, I let a friend down. I'm sorry. Wish i could make it up to you. Sometimes it feels like our lives are powered by circumstances. The meeting you had to go to. The lunch date I missed. Being busy with this and that. Being far away. Being dependant on someone else.
You know i'd have hopped over if i could. I'm sorry I dissapointed you. :(
Is this the beginning of the phase where you slowly lose the old friends and find yourself utterly alone?

Saturday, July 23, 2005


This is Toothpick and her pet:

Image hosted by

Toothpick looooooovvvesssss Coke!

Image hosted by
For Scarlet & Hyssop pics, go to Scrumptious Visions.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Scarlet & Hyssop

Scarlet & Hyssop, PG165 and DBS rock big time!
Audio Warfare was awesome!

This post is especially for Scarlet & Hyssop:
Your number one groupie salutes you guys for a job well done.
To my number one basists - remember....greater things. =)
Esther - despite the cold, fever and sore throat, you make one swell rocker chick.
Johnson - You're like the bestest buddy ever! *hugzzzz*
AlvinK - press on. Situations will change. ;)
Kae Ee - Abang Eeeeee!!!! It's the hair! It's all in the hair! You rock man!

I wanna make a special shout out to PG165:
Deric - there shud have been a special award for the best keyboardist.
Vijay - Your expressions....priceless!
Jason, Justin, NZX - my throat hurts from screaming so loud. YOU GUYS WERE FREAKIN AWESOME!

And to wrap this up:
I just wanna thank you.
You. Yes You.
You've been such a blessing.
I thank God I've got you.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

*bahh!" # 2

The worst thing your mom could ever say to you when you are :

- jobless
- unstable
- suicidal
- neither here nor there
- alone
- emo
- just plain depressed

" Why are you always in Cyber!? Go back to Bangsar and keep looking for a job in case you didn't get through your interview. I think your friends in Cyber are probrably sick of you being there and are tired of having you around!"

Thursday, July 14, 2005


bodow Mel.

Monday, July 11, 2005

what a morning

I'm back in Cyber for the week. Just spent my morning walking round STAD trying to settle my graduation stuff.
Turns out I have to hand in my MUET slip before the Examinations and Records Unit (ERU) can put me on the university graduation list. And being quite the stoner in Alpha I don't know if i collected my slip. So I gotta head down to the Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia and get a copy.
And then the lady from ERU checked my FCM graduation list and...I"M NOT LISTED!
SO I head over to the FCM office and try to clear things out. Turns out I'm one subject short! The record didn't show that I had taken a credit transfer for my Bahasa Melayu paper. I think I remember getting that done in Beta. But then again, Beta was quite a blur so I might have forgotten to hand in the form. *shrug*
SO now, i gotta run back to Bangsar and dig up my SPM cert, which I found by the way, and then head over to MPM and get my MUET slip and then rush back to Cyber and hand it all in by WED/Thurs. Or else, I just don't graduate. Hehh.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


I sit on my marble white floor, staring into the white empty space. The house although bare isn't silent but glows in the warm morning rays. I fix the strings on my white linen pants and pick up my white ipod. White. It's all white. I fix my white earpiece on and turn the scroller. Nope. Not all white. It's dark music I'm hearing. My heart thumps to the beat beneath my white halter. This is me.

Yup. Time for a change. White.
Like snow. Like 'pure'. Like clouds. Like an empty space. Like that light at the end of the tunnel. White.
It's refreshing.

Friday, July 08, 2005

People are so hard to please sometimes. I'm finding it difficult accepting this job offer. Hehh. It was sort of the first job on my list. But now....I dunno. I still have bout half a month to think about if I want it or not. It's fine and all cept for the fact that I'd have to miss lots of music practices and maybe even Sunday service.
Other stuff are beginning to cloud my judgement too. You knew this would happen Mel. *sigh...*
Is it easier to listen to your heart or to your mind? One of them have to be right, right? I hate not knowing. I don't take chances. And i'm always at the bottom end. Living alone does NOT go well with me. Too much of time and space to think. I'm tearing myself up. Lord help me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it! I got it!

I am held by Your love.
I am held by Your strength.
The mere fact that I am alive this morning tells me that my life matters to You.
That my life needs to count for You.
No matter where I am.
No matter where I go.
No matter what I have been through.
I know You're always near.
And I can always count on You.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I was just preparing for an interview and I grabbed my folder of certs and guess what, I couldn't find my SPM cert! For years I have prided myself in keeping all certificates and recognition awards. Heck I even kept my PMR and SPM exam slip!!!
Well I did find the SPM result slip. You know the tiny paper with tear-out ends. But my cert, is nowhere to be found. *sigh...*
And all my uni design work are in Bandar Utama. My interview's tomorrow. SO yeah...i'm goin there with NOTHING to show!!!! No portfolio. No certs. haha. All the best Mel!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I'm sick.
Really sick
I'm allergic to Bangsar.
No, seriously. I am.
The air here's no good.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Some people just don't know how to share your joy. It's like they get enjoyment from seeing you unhappy. And when you bring good news they suddenly find a reason to leave the conversation. It's like "If i'm unhappy, you should be too!"
I think i'm generally a nice person. But I don't know how long more I can keep up with your nonsense! I hate your self pitying ways and I hate it when you sulk about me not spending enough time with you! I hate it when you think the whole worlds out to get you. And I hate it when you make me feel bad about missing dinner with you!
Owh. I hate it when you think this post is about you too! >:p

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Creative Pixels

Check out works by MMU's Faculty of Creative Multimedia 2004/2005 graduates at The National Art Gallery from 2 - 24 July.
Creative Pixels showcase the four major departments which is Media Innovation, Digital Media, Film and Animation and Interface Design.
Do drop by if you're into the multimedia scene or if you just want to check out the competition. They're good. They're REALLY good.
I'm gonna miss the launch. Which starts right about now. But owhh well. My work's not there so no rush. But do check out the Celcom ad by Ng Ching-Ching. Awesome stuff! Cool models/talents used too. *ahem*