Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I'm tired.
I just woke up but I feel like I was running a marathon the whole night. To be sound asleep yet dreaming of a dozen artless miseries.
It's not like I wanna be in this place. It's not like I've put myself here. Heck I don't even know what this place is. But it really sucks.
You don't understand what it's like. Well I am trying. I still feel like I'm doin this alone. Heh. Maybe I am. He's here i know. But a lil' bit of human encouragement wouldn't hurt right.
This isn't real. I hate to have to keep talking to myself to calm myself down. Or to keep having to tell myself It will all be okay. I can't seem to convince myself anymore.
Hehh....whatever. Go back to your blissful lives.


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Anonymous friend said...

it'll be ok, you'll be ok...
you're right... He's there alright ;)
blessed is he(she) who sees and believes
but even more blessed is he(she) who does not see, and yet, believes

5:03 PM  

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