Monday, September 19, 2005

wats new...

Went to catch Knil Army at the WorldPeace Day celebration as Times Square. They were awesome, crowd was lala sorry to say, but, we had fun!
Chilled with a buddy! Totally like The Terminal ehh. Wish I was getting on the train heading to the airport too. Hanging at Sentral is so calming. I love 'people watching'. Was great catching up with you. I'm still into bassists. =p

On a sadder note, I'm scarred. Demn Rove Beetle
Well, praying for a smooth recovery. No scars in Jesus name!

I'm suddenly missing my bassists, my best friend, my laughing buddy, my rockstar, my old roomie, my celebrity friend, my coffee friend, my milo boy, and my lifeles friend.


Blogger alvink said...

Enjoyed it too babe :D

1:43 PM  

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