Wednesday, October 12, 2005

There are some people who are just blessed and it seems like good things always happen to them. And then there are some of which good stuff almost always never happen. I think I fall in the second category. Or well at least I thought i did till Nicky came by and showed me otherwise.
I mean despite being alone in that big house, and having my car and then my computer die on me and on top of that having to fork out 90 bucks on top of the 1500 to pay for parking tickets and car repairs, I managed to have a good weekend with Cyber peeps on Friday right through to Sunday!
And best of all, my trip to town with Nicky yesterday was just awesome!! We spent the entire afternoon just browsing through Borders and having coffee at Starbucks with DELICIOUS pau's from Baoz and bread from Bread History. That's the life. My ideal day out. I would say, the best thing that's happened to me in the past couple of months would be having Nicky back from Subang! I sureeee did miss u loads man! Owhh and having friends who'd always call you out for dinner or to just chill. You guys are amazing. I lurveee you BM girls too!!!! Wouldn't have had managed to stand up if not for you girls. *hugz*


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