Friday, November 04, 2005


My holiday ends today. Shall be heading back to B'sar tomorrow morning with Ken and my bro. It's been swell i guess. I got to chill with my dad and my sister most this time round. I got my sister hooked on The OC and I made my dad sit through three movies back-to-back with me.
Had fun with the girls as well on our so called tour of the island. We just ended up eating a lot and buying about RM100 worth of DVDs combined. We headed to the beach as well, but it wasnt as much fun cause the sun wasn't up and well there were weird people all around us. Owhh and some para-sailing dude landed on us so....yeah...not your typical beach experience. PLUS I had a massive headache the whole day. *sigh* But we did have fun cam-whore ing. *ahem* well not me exactly cause we all know i'd rather be behind the lens. :p
I read somewhere that if you've had to take more than two painkillers in a month for headaches you could be stressed. I take two like every week. And when I took a quiz called "how stressed are you?" i scored waaayyyyy above the chart. So I guess im pretty stressed huhh?
Ok I gotta cut this short. My brother's insane iguana's looking at me weirdly and he's like spilling his food over the ledge. I think he's doin it on pupose too! Well Ken's gonna have a ball of a time sitting in the back seat with him. *snicker* Owhh btw, Spike's toilet trained. Shall tell you bout that another time.


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