Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Morning Glory~

I woke up early today. The same time I'd wake up if I was back in Cyber rushing to campus for Morning Glory.
I did the usual things i'd do if i were at Morning Glory.
I lifted up in prayer The CF and all the people in it.
I lifted up in prayer my sister who's going for a dental operation today.
I lifted in prayer my church Christmas Events and for passion in the people who are running it.
I prayed for my friends and was surprised when i started tearing cause I miss them more than you can imagine.
And then I prayed for God to take away this feeling. Cause although I hate being alone, and I hate coming home to an empty house, but maybe this is to prepare me for a lifetime of being alone. I sure hope not tho. I'd be the most miserable person ever.
And then i looked back and tried to think of a time I was truly happy. I found one. But that was short lived. And I tried to think of the vacations I took. Everyone's usually happy and carefree during their vacations right. I realised I was never happy nor carefree. I thought about Perhentian, Vietnam, the Road Trip, and then Redang and even trips i took with my family to Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Myanmar. No doubt i had loads of fun. And the experience was great but I kinda only remember the reasons I was miserable during my vacations. Very little memory survives from the happy moments. Strange right.
I knew I had to pray for Joy. Joy in my work place and even joy at home. And especially Joy in everything that i do. I can't see myself being joyful. But I so need that right now....


Blogger RacH said...

Daddy in Heaven, I ask that You fill Mel with JOY she's never known. JOY she won't be able to comprehend. JOY that does not depend on situations. JOY that is everylasting. JOY that can only come from You...
I know You wanna see her smile, hear her laugh, even more than we do. And so I rebuke everything that's stealing that JOY!! Spirit of depression and sadness, GET OUT!! coz you have NO right in Mel's life!! in Jesus' name, AMEN!!

*hugz* smile babe!! better days are on the way.... :D

11:17 AM  

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