Friday, March 24, 2006

what's in your bag?

I finally cleared out the contents of my bag today. After checking out this page.
Now i fully understand the term 'Mary Poppins Bag'.
I carry around, a wallet, handphone, 2 books, 3 pens, chewing gum, lip gloss, a thumbdrive, a notebook, a diary, waterless hand cleanser, hand lotion, a coin purse, house keys, car keys, handphone charger and panadols. And sometimes 3-in-1 coffee sachets, bits of paper with doodles or writing and receipts. If my camera was small enough, i bet that would be in my bag too. Now the only thing that's missing is.... my iPod! (NOTE Never lend anything over RM200 to an older sibling. Chances are you'll never get it back) I do have a discman tho. (His discman. What a trade. A sucker. That i am) But it ran out of battries awhile ago. *sigh*
Maybe i should go old school and carry a boom-box around. heh.

I think every three out of five people have an ipod. Which either makes the ipod darn cool or simply over rated. I like my 20Gs and the white & silver. And i think iPod cases are so cool! Click!


Blogger auds said...

you know lilian wanted to buy an iPod because of the cases. LOLZ. and she was like 'whats an iPod for?' :))

9:24 PM  
Blogger .anna.begins. said...

hmm...then i must be the one out of the two out of the five people that don't have an ipod!

but then again...out of the 6 of us girls...none of us has! so erm...does that make your theory wrong? :P

heh. yeay! meeting with you tonight! *hugssS*

8:25 AM  

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