Monday, April 10, 2006


Schäfchen: btw, i think Beatrice is kinda cute.....yum
Schäfchen: is she....taken?
Mel: nope
Schäfchen: .....why not..she's so cute...
Schäfchen: damn...maybe she might be interested in a girl... for a change?
Schäfchen: muahahaha
Mel: this is sooo gonna be my next blog post. hahah
Schäfchen: *note to self* do not discuss things with mel unless you want other people to read about it in her blog - beware the new breed of informants: Bloggers!!!


Schäfchen: can i kiss her...
Mel: u can try
Schäfchen: ...... try? as in...the chances of me getting a faceful of pepper spray or being zapped by a laser is high?
Mel: i dun think she has pepper spray. or a laser. hrmm....she might set her hedgie loose on you. prick you silly (pun not intended :p)

Schäfchen: ....oohhh kinky.
Schäfchen: i wait in eager anticipation.
Mel: and wat will your boyfriend say bout all this?
Schäfchen: hmmm. well i have to be fair... i told him, since i want to other kiss girls, i'll be fair to you, i'll allow you to kiss other guys... fair deal right?
Mel: hahah. Right.

*** Bea... You get instantly famous when private blogs become not so private anymore. Welcome to blogdom. *grin*


Blogger mark c. said...


man. beatrice IS one lucky girl!!

urm. sure she got not tasers or pepper sprays? :p

12:20 AM  
Blogger hoyden said...

Heya Mark!
that one u check n see la.
try making a move on her and see if she whips out the lasers and pepper spray.

10:25 PM  

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