Saturday, April 29, 2006

the Gap, the door

Bridging the Gap was awesome!!!
Dunno what gap they bridging la. Gap Between Spore (The Love Experiment) And M'sia kut?
*shrug* Yes they apparently LOVE KL. That's a nice suspension bridge.
Cosmic Funk Express was simply orgasmic!!!! Could Zack possibly be the cutest chun-est(damn. i lack a good word here) awesome-est guitarist ever?!!!
Well Furniture totally helped me unwind for the evening and I must say I wish I had taken the trip to the atm so i could get their album. ( Mel(Chan), after all these months of waiting to meet Ron to get the album, I didn't get it after all. *slaps head* )
Owh the bands that I went to support was simply awesomeeeee. I think Ferns get better and better everytime I hear them! Dreamy and feel good sorta stuff. I can't wait for the album!
Owh and Adlin, you *bleep* *bleep* ROCK man!!! I totally enjoyed Lied's set. Especially "Jatuh Ke Bumi" This is another band who seems to sound better with each performance! I was hoping they'd play "Binky" tho. But Owhh welllll..... private performance maybe??? lol.
"Mel, HARAP lah!!"
BTW, Alaling performed! woohooo! She sang backup some jiwang song with Adlin. All i can say is.... WE WANT MORE!!!!!!
All in all, I had a fantabulous Friday night which ended with chicken wings at Alex's and a real lovely surprise when I came home and found i had door to my room!!!!!!! *skips*
Thank you, Gloria, Jo, Jeff, Felicia, Julie, Alex, Doreena & Jamie!!!!!
I LOVE you guys~!~!~!~!


Blogger felicia said...

most welcome babe. now u know why i asked for ur fav color. heh. winks.

12:17 AM  

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