Saturday, April 01, 2006


Thanks to DiGi and my colleague who got the preview tickets, I got to see Gubra today! As much as I was excited to catch Sepet, I was even more excited to see what underlying issue Gubra would contain.

This movie got me laughing hysterically at some parts and tearing at some parts. (yes yes i'm sappy) And yes there were a few people shifting in their chairs at certain points of the movie but I believe that's what a good movie does. Pick a few hairs and prod a few hearts.

"Gubra" is intended to examine one common phenomenon: The simple everyday fact that when we experience betrayal, it is more often than not committed unto us by people who love us; not people who hate us.

I guess in the end, "Gubra" will be about love (because, as John Cassavetes once said, "nothing else interests me"), it will be about betrayal, and in the end, the difficult but inevitable question of whether or not to forgive the people who betray us.
-Yasmin Ahmad-

Only thing I will let out is; No, Jason (Ng Choo Seong) does NOT come back from the dead. But another Sepet dude Alan (Yun) makes an appearance. *yummy* (FYI, he's our long term school girl crush)

As someone who is soon (i think) about to venture into the production field, i say, support the Malaysian movie industry and go watch Gubra! It's definately worth your RM10.


Blogger Jo said...

hehe.. we all were in LURVE with alan , he is sooooo tall.. and he looks good even with his shirt on! and now you tell me he has a chun body.. DROOOLLLSSSS.... I should have let him sign my boobs the last time i met him.. hahaa..

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