Monday, May 29, 2006

ok since i've got nothing significant to say except that certain things/situations so much of the suck right now, i'll stop with the plant updates and put up pics of the Melaka Trip!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

plant updates

No this isn't like a plant blog.
I'm just really excited bout the new living creatures in my house! And well it isn't fun blogging about ants and mosquitoes!

Well Warren's looking a little dried out. So much for trying not to drown his roots. I still havent got that spray thingy to water my plants. Now they drink right out of my water bottle. yeah we're sharing spit and everything. Added minerals mah!

Leona forwarded me this article from Think (yes i'm helping Jack get more hits. *tee hee*)
Seeee... someone else who thinks that talking to plants help. *grin*
" I named them Ack, Ouch and Eek. (They’re my cactuses and I’ll name them whatever I want to.)
My new resolve? To try a different method of plant care: talking to them."

On another personal issue.... The Change is here! Come June, I'm moving on to different pastures. (i don't wanna say 'greener pastures' cause i ain't exactly sure how green it is yet!)
I've just got to say that The Big Guy's so awesome! He provides! He opens doors! He's more than just a silver lining.


Monday, May 15, 2006


Warren (the fern) has a tiny little green friend.
She's called Hillary and she lives in a giant sundae cup filled with pebbles and stones. :)

And i've started talking to my plants. A fellow plant person told me its therapeutic. heh. Therapeutic for the plant, or for me i dunno la. Haven't figured that one out yet.
It just seems rather looney though. Maybe i shud try singing instead.

Friday, May 12, 2006


It's a ho ho ho holidayyyyyyyy~!~!~
I've been sketching, sewing and raving on about Zack Kim! Now my housemate thinks he's super cool too and we have plans to stalk him and be all creepy shadow-ers cause he lives in my building. muahahaha.
( i'm kidding i'm kidding. Or maybe not. tee hee.)
Well, we did shadow a certain Malaysian hockey player round town once. lol. ahem. It was totally Julie's idea!!!

Anyway, my fern is doing great! It's like growing and stuff.
Doing what lil potted ferns do...

The song! It's not done. The mommies at church will probly just have to settle for poems recited by their kids written by yours truly. or we'll just wring it and play "You're my sunshine!" or that song from The Elephant Show:

I - Love - You!!

I - Love - You!!

I love you in the morning and in the afternoon
I love you in the evening, underneath the moon

I - Love - You!!

My mom on the other hand, loves the songs i've emailed her. She now answers her phone saying "Hi! Rock & Roll Queen speaking!"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my rock & roll queen

Mother's day's approaching and we've planned to write a song to perform at church. I'd do a cover if i could find a suitable song. NO don't you even begin to suggest Celine Dion or Spice Girls!!! ugh.
It's been awhile since i've written anything and you see i dun wanna do some corny "i love you, you love me" song.
So i'm gonna do a test-run on my mom first. I'll write whatever and email it to her. And she's gonna gimme her comments!

This is song Number 1, inspired by Subways. i doubt it'll make the cut tho. heh. owhh gee its so rhymey.

You are my rock & roll queen

You are
You are so cool
You're so cool, when i drool
You wipe my spit and clean my shit
You're mine, You're so fine
You are my rock & roll queen

You're cool with my loud music
my tats and my rings
dun worry they ain't real
i wouldn't do a thing to make you mad
except maybe team up with Jess
and make a mess
We'll tear up the kitchen and litter the hall
I've decapitated my baby doll.

Mom you're so cool
you always know what to say
but there's no combination of words
i could speak,
no praises to say that would make you sway

and no song i could sing
to tell you just one thing
Mom you're my rock & roll queen!

Monday, May 08, 2006

the Fern

I've got myself a nice lil plant!

I've wanted one ever since.... ummm...lets seee
well...for a long long time! and now, i have a baby fern!

but then.... it doesn't look like any fern i've ever seen before! The florist said it was a fern. Who am i to argue with a florist anyway.
i tried to google it. but didn't come up with anything. So maybe i'll just keep calling it a fern until i know for sure.

SO anyway this florist said it requires the least attention and does not need direct sunlight not does it need to be watered twice a day. Just occasional sprays will do.
(what kind of plant is this anyway??)

Hrmm.....i'm gonna take a picture and put it up here. But my camera's not with me!
Feliciaaaaaaaa. I want my camera back!!!

I should name my fern. Maybe i'll call it Warren. (like Warren fromFerns. lol.)
I'm 2 steps away from actually talking to my fern.

Gawd i need help.

Thom Yorke

I'm a bit backward on this one.
I found this on Google Video and thought Thom Yorke's a freaking genius!

Watch Thom Yorke perform 'arpeggi' here.

One can never tire of Radiohead. heh.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Love is just an illusion.
And happiness does not coincide with reality.

Death Cab For Cutie for company.
overdosed on The OC.
I've cut my hair. Again. It's staying short.

People. suck.
work... lets not even go there.
I'm waiting for change.
It's coming. happening. soon.
i hope.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

drawing. doodling.
making melodies.
thinking with images + thinking with words
me likey.

my lesson for today:
you don't always know where you're going, but somehow you know when you get there.
I'm glad we're cool.
I'm sooooooo there.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Selamat Tuhan kurniakan
Selamat Pulau Pinang
Negeri Ku yang mulia
Ku taat and setia
Aman dan bahagia.
Majulah! Jayalah!
Negeri Ku yang Ku cinta!
Bersatu dan bersama
Untuk negeri Kita!

So that's very awful illustration of the Penang Flag. *tee hee*
But I think Penang has the coolest state song! It's so upbeat and bouncy. haha.

I'm just a lil homesick today.
I miss my mom. And my dad. And Jessica & Shannon and my grandma and my 2 dogs and my boyfriend. *schreeching halt* where did that come from!!! hehe.

10% of me was actually considering moving back. But just 10% lah. lol. I think i'm more set on persuading my parents to move here. heh.

On a brighter note, my bassist is coming down this weekend to see me!!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i want... but i must

I want to:
  • take part in a protest rally just for the heck of it. (haha, you tree hugger!)
  • go bald again (but this time it better be for a good cause or i'm certain my parents would disown me)
  • run around Kelana Square with a scissors in my hand yelling "chocolate cheerios!"
  • sit here doing absolutely nothing. yupps that's right. Just enjoy the air conditioning and EITS.
  • laze by the beach. alaa Palm Spring's swimming pool pun boleh la.
  • write a book
  • have my work displayed in a gallery

But alas. I must :
  • finish my review ( its like a couple of months overdue)
  • complete a web layout
  • write out my treatment for a short film
  • design 2 logos
  • get a start on a few articles
  • and get my portfolio in order
Blehh. I wish i had a big white sheet of paper to draw on. To start anew.
I've had too much of Imogen Heap for today.
Get me outta here!!!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Bouts of OCD.
I've rearranged my room again.
A conundrum.
Explosive anger.
Sorry my homie.
Tripping the rift.
My head hurts.
Waaayyyy too much reading this weekend.
I should get out more.

I've got the sequel to Mr. God This Is Anna.
Anna and the Black Knight awaits me.

Currently busy with Everything Is Illuminated
And Jesus Freaks

I've just finished another book by Paolo Coelho. Boy do i wish i could write like that!

And i repeat. I shud get out more. Crazy bookworm. Heh.