Monday, May 08, 2006

the Fern

I've got myself a nice lil plant!

I've wanted one ever since.... ummm...lets seee
well...for a long long time! and now, i have a baby fern!

but then.... it doesn't look like any fern i've ever seen before! The florist said it was a fern. Who am i to argue with a florist anyway.
i tried to google it. but didn't come up with anything. So maybe i'll just keep calling it a fern until i know for sure.

SO anyway this florist said it requires the least attention and does not need direct sunlight not does it need to be watered twice a day. Just occasional sprays will do.
(what kind of plant is this anyway??)

Hrmm.....i'm gonna take a picture and put it up here. But my camera's not with me!
Feliciaaaaaaaa. I want my camera back!!!

I should name my fern. Maybe i'll call it Warren. (like Warren fromFerns. lol.)
I'm 2 steps away from actually talking to my fern.

Gawd i need help.


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