Tuesday, May 02, 2006

i want... but i must

I want to:
  • take part in a protest rally just for the heck of it. (haha, you tree hugger!)
  • go bald again (but this time it better be for a good cause or i'm certain my parents would disown me)
  • run around Kelana Square with a scissors in my hand yelling "chocolate cheerios!"
  • sit here doing absolutely nothing. yupps that's right. Just enjoy the air conditioning and EITS.
  • laze by the beach. alaa Palm Spring's swimming pool pun boleh la.
  • write a book
  • have my work displayed in a gallery

But alas. I must :
  • finish my review ( its like a couple of months overdue)
  • complete a web layout
  • write out my treatment for a short film
  • design 2 logos
  • get a start on a few articles
  • and get my portfolio in order
Blehh. I wish i had a big white sheet of paper to draw on. To start anew.
I've had too much of Imogen Heap for today.
Get me outta here!!!!!!


Blogger Jo said...

My thoughts exactly..
So many things I WANT ..
Go to europe..
Have my cupboard STOCKED with alco..
Be a bimbo for life..

missing ya babe.

1:05 AM  

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