Tuesday, May 09, 2006

my rock & roll queen

Mother's day's approaching and we've planned to write a song to perform at church. I'd do a cover if i could find a suitable song. NO don't you even begin to suggest Celine Dion or Spice Girls!!! ugh.
It's been awhile since i've written anything and you see i dun wanna do some corny "i love you, you love me" song.
So i'm gonna do a test-run on my mom first. I'll write whatever and email it to her. And she's gonna gimme her comments!

This is song Number 1, inspired by Subways. i doubt it'll make the cut tho. heh. owhh gee its so rhymey.

You are my rock & roll queen

You are
You are so cool
You're so cool, when i drool
You wipe my spit and clean my shit
You're mine, You're so fine
You are my rock & roll queen

You're cool with my loud music
my tats and my rings
dun worry they ain't real
i wouldn't do a thing to make you mad
except maybe team up with Jess
and make a mess
We'll tear up the kitchen and litter the hall
I've decapitated my baby doll.

Mom you're so cool
you always know what to say
but there's no combination of words
i could speak,
no praises to say that would make you sway

and no song i could sing
to tell you just one thing
Mom you're my rock & roll queen!


Blogger eric said...

sweeeeeet! eheh... nice lyrics ;)

6:11 PM  

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