Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Selamat Tuhan kurniakan
Selamat Pulau Pinang
Negeri Ku yang mulia
Ku taat and setia
Aman dan bahagia.
Majulah! Jayalah!
Negeri Ku yang Ku cinta!
Bersatu dan bersama
Untuk negeri Kita!

So that's very awful illustration of the Penang Flag. *tee hee*
But I think Penang has the coolest state song! It's so upbeat and bouncy. haha.

I'm just a lil homesick today.
I miss my mom. And my dad. And Jessica & Shannon and my grandma and my 2 dogs and my boyfriend. *schreeching halt* where did that come from!!! hehe.

10% of me was actually considering moving back. But just 10% lah. lol. I think i'm more set on persuading my parents to move here. heh.

On a brighter note, my bassist is coming down this weekend to see me!!!!!


Anonymous Sh4nnon said...

U dont miss spike?? Spike is gona be heartbroken........

3:44 PM  
Blogger hoyden said...

a bit la

9:47 AM  

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