Wednesday, May 17, 2006

plant updates

No this isn't like a plant blog.
I'm just really excited bout the new living creatures in my house! And well it isn't fun blogging about ants and mosquitoes!

Well Warren's looking a little dried out. So much for trying not to drown his roots. I still havent got that spray thingy to water my plants. Now they drink right out of my water bottle. yeah we're sharing spit and everything. Added minerals mah!

Leona forwarded me this article from Think (yes i'm helping Jack get more hits. *tee hee*)
Seeee... someone else who thinks that talking to plants help. *grin*
" I named them Ack, Ouch and Eek. (They’re my cactuses and I’ll name them whatever I want to.)
My new resolve? To try a different method of plant care: talking to them."

On another personal issue.... The Change is here! Come June, I'm moving on to different pastures. (i don't wanna say 'greener pastures' cause i ain't exactly sure how green it is yet!)
I've just got to say that The Big Guy's so awesome! He provides! He opens doors! He's more than just a silver lining.



Blogger afu-chan said...

Ack, Ouch, Eek?

Haha reminds me of my huge Hamtarou teddy bear. His name's Mi'! (pronounced 'Meek!', high-pitched)

And a smaller cinnamoroll ( ) teddy bear named Un! (the Japanese informal and cute way of saying yes).

7:10 PM  
Blogger hoyden said...

i'm sooo not into cute cuddly toys or plushes.

ehh your Big day's next week!!!
Doing anything?
klau boleh balik msia kan bes. hehe

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mellie mellie mellie moh!!!!
Just saying hello.:)
Sorry have been busy.... Will catch you soon... Hope you're doing well in your spot of green pasture... :)

12:13 PM  

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