Friday, June 30, 2006

speeding bullets

Stoning at the office today. I got back at 4ish from watch Superman!!! I know a lot of people didn't like it but maybe those people never really watched Superman while they were growing up. *shrug*
I kinda liked it. It brought back fond memories! I had to bite my lip when they played the opening title sequence i was soooo gonna just burst out humming the theme Song. LOL.
Definately back to old school. I could just picture Christopher Reeves and all. heh.
I think i had a grand childhood. Complete with Superman, Star Wars and The Twilight Zone. Ok none of those coincide with each other but whatever. Owh but you know what would be cool??!!! If they remade Who Framed Roger Rabbitt That was my ultimate favourite movie. I even still have those miniature toy models of Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman! And Jessica Rabbit's so damn HOT!
ANYWAYYY.... back to Superman.... It was cool. but NOTE TO SELF: Think twice before you sit next to 0n10n5. He's sick. REAL sick. :p

I did manage to catch Lied on Traxx.FM last night. Just snippets though as I was driving around. I think its sooo cool that they took this change to promote other bands like Ferns and Lunarin (i think). Like i said, i only heard snippets. And i missed the round where they played my 2 favouritest songs Binky and Oceans Part. *sigh*
owhh well. Aku nak private session weih! haha.
Btw, you can come watch Lied perform at Moonshine on 13th July at The Laundry @ The Curve.

I just found out what the Spanish part of the song by Shakira-Hips Don't Lie mean.
You know the part where Wyclef goes "Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa." And she says "Oh baby, when you talk like that, you make a woman go mad”
So guys, next time you’re dancing with some chick at a club, try leaning in close and saying, “What’s your name, pretty lady? My house? Your house?”
Apparently it drives us wild. :|

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quick updates:

* New job's going swell! Cept that its really cold in that ice box.

* The plants are umm... ok. except that the Fern almost died. It was all droopy cause i forgot to water it over the weekend. :p

* This blogger has been sick since Saturday. One of those sore throat / fever things. This is not good. Not good at all.

* I'm missing Esther who's flown off to Australia. I'm gonna be missing Rachel who leaves for NZ this weekend. *sigh* I wanna fly off somewhere tooooooo.

* I see far less of the Cyber peeps than i'd like to. Changes. There's more to come.

* I still wish i'd gone for Sabah missions. I wonder how the Phillipines team is doing though? They get back today!!!!!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sometimes you're good when everything's going fine and dandy.
Sometimes you remain good even when things are topsy turvy
Sometimes you just say "screw it!" and end up being not so good
But sometimes you just beat yourself up over the times when you haven't been good and end up feeling worse off then when you began.

And sometimes The Big Guy just sends you a friend who's company is all you needed, to remind you that everything will all be okay.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Live Wire

"God above all the world in motion
God above all my hopes and fears
And I don't care what the world throws at me now
I'm gonna be alright!" Hillsongs - Salvation Is Here

My week at home has been awesome!!! Had lots of ME time and it's been just really refreshing. :)
I was really bummed bout not being able to go to Sabah with the local missions team, but i guess I really needed this time to stay here and rest, to gather my thoughts again and to get energized and to prepare myself for the new job.

These days i've been bouncing off the walls and that's even without my daily dose of coffee! Imagine if i was fueled by caffeine too! LOL. But due to my bouncy state, i ended up injuring myself a lil. I hurt my back on Thursday and my foot on Friday.
Now, details of how the injury happened will be withheld to save me from further embarassment. But i think for the next few days, i'll be sitting down quietly and containing my hyperactivity.

"Happy is the man who trust in God! He is full of JOY and full of LIFE!!"

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

locked out

The darnest thing happened to me today.
I locked myself out.
Like in between the grill and the wooden door. In the small shoe area with Gloria's millions of shoe boxes and my dozen or so flip flops.
Girls sure do have too many shoes.
Well anyway, there i was stuck with no way out and i froze.
You see, i'm claustrophobic and was previously feeling all dizzy even before i left the house. So combine the 2 and you'll see Mel looking like a wreck!
SO anyway, i forced myself to calm down, i sat down and called Jeff who (THANK GOD!) works nearby. And 45 minutes later, I was recued!!!!
In that 45 minutes (the longest 45 minutes of my life!) i started to cry then thought myself stupid so i sang songs and prayed just to keep myself sane and stop my heart from beating too fast. It was dark and stiffling but i was cold all over and feeling like i'd run out of oxygen at any minute.
Silly. I know!!!!
But I really thank God that Jeff came and when he got in, got me a glass of water and made me a sandwich!!!
SO Jeff, you're my Hero for today!!!
I owe you one! ;)
Ok actually i owe you more than one.
But whatever.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


This sucks.
nobody bothers to call me for dinner.
actually.... nobody bothers to call period.

I'm out of credit.
stupid DiGi's sucking me dry.

I didn't really get to do the things i wanted to do this weekend.
double blehh.
But FRIM was good. sort off.
sigh. I sure do hope this week will be better than the last.

Friday, June 02, 2006

a toast to our tomorrows

Its been so long since i've had the time to just chill over a cup of coffee and stare into space without having to worry about where to go to next or worry about the list of things i've yet to do.
I decided to just take Friday off my schedule and have a ME day.
Now my to do list reads:
Friday: Saturday!
  • collect/send laundry
  • clean room
  • pay bills
  • wash car
  • Grocery shopping
  • learn Scala

Well, I would have actually prefered to do my blogging from home, but unfortunately our line's down. SO I'm chilling at Starbucks with Jo's laptop and Gloria's headphones.
My Caramel Capuccino is just simply wonderful and my sandwiches from O'Brian were delish! I've got this thing about wanting to have all my stuff with me at all times. Just in case. SO i've actually brought 2 books, my sketch book, my coloured pens and
pencils and yes a notebook. Goodness knows if i'll be able to read, draw and write all in the span of a few hours. You know, I think I really do have OCD. My cousin was just laughing at me yesterday while we were walking in pasar seni. I didnt realise i was avoiding all the cracks on the sidewalk as i was walking. I felt like Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets

I'm still darained out from yesterday. Me and the girls dropped Jamie off at the airport. Sigh. Mel couldn't control macho and cried after she left. Our cute lil friend is finally off to Spore. I'm sooo gonna miss her. And then in the evening it was another teary affair as we bid Malcolm farewell as he was goin to Spore to work as well. Changes. I'll be missing you guys but I'm sure there's much much more in store for you.

This place is filling up. Isn't it a weekday? Don't people have to work?! Maybe they're all in between jobs too. Or freelancing. haha. Gloria would so envy these people. Owh Gloria's been fruity lately. She's on a fruit rampage! our house is stocked with oranges, apples, bananas and mangoes. She's happily making us healthy fruit juices with her new toy - The Juicer. It's such a cool lil machine that i'm too afraid to go near it. haha. I don't wanna break gloria's new toy. But I WILL make a chocolate banana shake one of these days. Yummy!!!!

Ok this has taken extremely long to write. I haven't written in ages! Sudah karat man. Anyway, i need to go pee. So more updates later~!