Wednesday, June 14, 2006

locked out

The darnest thing happened to me today.
I locked myself out.
Like in between the grill and the wooden door. In the small shoe area with Gloria's millions of shoe boxes and my dozen or so flip flops.
Girls sure do have too many shoes.
Well anyway, there i was stuck with no way out and i froze.
You see, i'm claustrophobic and was previously feeling all dizzy even before i left the house. So combine the 2 and you'll see Mel looking like a wreck!
SO anyway, i forced myself to calm down, i sat down and called Jeff who (THANK GOD!) works nearby. And 45 minutes later, I was recued!!!!
In that 45 minutes (the longest 45 minutes of my life!) i started to cry then thought myself stupid so i sang songs and prayed just to keep myself sane and stop my heart from beating too fast. It was dark and stiffling but i was cold all over and feeling like i'd run out of oxygen at any minute.
Silly. I know!!!!
But I really thank God that Jeff came and when he got in, got me a glass of water and made me a sandwich!!!
SO Jeff, you're my Hero for today!!!
I owe you one! ;)
Ok actually i owe you more than one.
But whatever.


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