Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Quick updates:

* New job's going swell! Cept that its really cold in that ice box.

* The plants are umm... ok. except that the Fern almost died. It was all droopy cause i forgot to water it over the weekend. :p

* This blogger has been sick since Saturday. One of those sore throat / fever things. This is not good. Not good at all.

* I'm missing Esther who's flown off to Australia. I'm gonna be missing Rachel who leaves for NZ this weekend. *sigh* I wanna fly off somewhere tooooooo.

* I see far less of the Cyber peeps than i'd like to. Changes. There's more to come.

* I still wish i'd gone for Sabah missions. I wonder how the Phillipines team is doing though? They get back today!!!!!


Blogger felicia said...

yeah. tell me bout it. everyone's leaving the country for somewhere. bleh. come we fly off somewhere too? for hols at least... =P

4:38 PM  

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