Friday, June 02, 2006

a toast to our tomorrows

Its been so long since i've had the time to just chill over a cup of coffee and stare into space without having to worry about where to go to next or worry about the list of things i've yet to do.
I decided to just take Friday off my schedule and have a ME day.
Now my to do list reads:
Friday: Saturday!
  • collect/send laundry
  • clean room
  • pay bills
  • wash car
  • Grocery shopping
  • learn Scala

Well, I would have actually prefered to do my blogging from home, but unfortunately our line's down. SO I'm chilling at Starbucks with Jo's laptop and Gloria's headphones.
My Caramel Capuccino is just simply wonderful and my sandwiches from O'Brian were delish! I've got this thing about wanting to have all my stuff with me at all times. Just in case. SO i've actually brought 2 books, my sketch book, my coloured pens and
pencils and yes a notebook. Goodness knows if i'll be able to read, draw and write all in the span of a few hours. You know, I think I really do have OCD. My cousin was just laughing at me yesterday while we were walking in pasar seni. I didnt realise i was avoiding all the cracks on the sidewalk as i was walking. I felt like Jack Nicholson in As Good as it Gets

I'm still darained out from yesterday. Me and the girls dropped Jamie off at the airport. Sigh. Mel couldn't control macho and cried after she left. Our cute lil friend is finally off to Spore. I'm sooo gonna miss her. And then in the evening it was another teary affair as we bid Malcolm farewell as he was goin to Spore to work as well. Changes. I'll be missing you guys but I'm sure there's much much more in store for you.

This place is filling up. Isn't it a weekday? Don't people have to work?! Maybe they're all in between jobs too. Or freelancing. haha. Gloria would so envy these people. Owh Gloria's been fruity lately. She's on a fruit rampage! our house is stocked with oranges, apples, bananas and mangoes. She's happily making us healthy fruit juices with her new toy - The Juicer. It's such a cool lil machine that i'm too afraid to go near it. haha. I don't wanna break gloria's new toy. But I WILL make a chocolate banana shake one of these days. Yummy!!!!

Ok this has taken extremely long to write. I haven't written in ages! Sudah karat man. Anyway, i need to go pee. So more updates later~!


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