Sunday, August 13, 2006

Convo 2006

I walked thru the same familiar grounds yet they seemed different to me. The air had a tinge of sweetnes about it. The smell of new beginnings. It felt like Alpha all over again. Only not.

I do not remember the corridors and pathways as how i used to remember them. Buzzing with excitement and full of hopefullness. It always felt like i was gonna run smack into something new at every corner. Today as i stood at the central plaza, and as i walked through the FCM building, there was this sense of appreciation that washed over me. The walls were nodding in approvement.

Of course there's all the people who kinda help you fill in your puzzle. I'm glad i bumped into you today. What we went through wouldn't be something I would wanna go through again. Although I have thought about it many many times. But I do still think you're a great person and i pray you're happy. I thank you for making me a bigger person.

I did wish again as i did last year that i had extended my time at MMU. I wished i'd
graduated this year instead of last year. And i wished i'd been able to retake some subjects and score better in others. I was more excited bout this convo than i was at my own. I took more pictures this convo than i did at mine. I didn't even wanna go to my convocation! But all in all i'm glad i've let go of that part of life. I'm glad i've moved on and grown. Or i wouldn't have had been able to encourage or share the experience of being jobless and being lost and being stuck in between.

You guys who've just graduated, I welcome you into a new beginning. I pray than it will be one where you guys will learn to live and not just exist. Let your hearts not be discouraged by the many rejections or ill treatment from your superiors. I'm sure The Big Guy has a paticular place He wants you to be at and his "placement" is always perfect.

For those of you who are still at Uni, i encourage you to press on. Make the most of what you have and don't walk through those halls blindly. And yeah don't spend your time stoning in the room either. Don't get all caught up in the drama of your lives till you miss the reason why you're placed in MMU. Don't miss that divine appointment He's set you up for.


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