Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cosmic Funk Express

I'm still high from yesterday's evening at the Sunrise Jazz Festival. Was a really really good evening just chilling with the Melaka peeps and enjoying a spectacular performance by Cosmic Funk Express. It was really really sad to hear that that would be their last show but no worries, you can still catch Alda and Alex as they team up with other bands around, like Broken Scar. And well if you wanna catch Zack, there's always YouTube!!

I think their set on Friday was really awesome. Good crowd as well, and what made it even better was the company I was with! Was really great that the whole gang from Melaka came down and we got to chill for a bit. Kudos to the two Special Olympic participants, Wayne & Tim. We should YouTube that video!!
Jason, was great catching up with you! Glad you had a great time. See, now you really have to come up for Covo weekend as well. We should totally do that again! And perhaps the next time you guys come up to KL we'll opt for a better place for supper. Eating by the dumpster at Murni was just unbecoming!


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