Thursday, August 17, 2006

Dear You...

Dear you,
I had a good evening with you!
you're my soul sista! I'm glad I've got you!
I think we have telepathic abilities. hehe.
Unleash the mayhem!!!

Dear you,
Thank you for being my Happy Pill!~
I really thank God for our Digi - Maxis transmissions.
Helps me know someone out there gives a rip.
And yes, friendship does double our joy and divide our grief.

Dear you,
I'm thrilled to have found a fellow self-proclaimed writer.
I really appreciate your encouragement and I believe in your dreams.
Today I shall try to 'curi tulang' less and work more.
And not send you so many links that would distract you from work as well.
Yeah right!

Dear you,
Our roles are somewhat reversed now. You're the strong one and I've become weak.
I really miss hanging out with you.
Thank you for the pool session.
And i really appreciate our talk.
Well you were doing all the talking and i was listening. heh.
You've helped put things in perspective.
I'm so proud of you.
You've grown so much and you inspire me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who you??

2:45 PM  

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