Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Every morning, I wake up, work out, do my Quiet Time, drink a bottle of water, and then take an extremely long shower.
Despite waking up at 7.30am, i'm still always late for work which starts at 10am.
Something's just not right.

I usually take ages to finish my breakfast which would be from the time i get in to work till about lunch time. And then there's coffee. Yes i bring my own Thermos of coffee to work. Which i happily sip throught the morning.

But the past week, I've slowed down a whole lot more. You see i've been skipping the coffee part. Some sort of a caffeine fast you might say. It's just messing up my routine.

I wake up thinking bout coffee and i come in to work looking for my Thermos but its filled with Milo instead. (healthier apparently)

*sigh* Heroin users aren't the only ones who go through withdrawals.

I've downgraded to Herb Tea instead. Chamomile. CAFFEINE FREE! *groan*


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