Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i'm a guitar?

I've said it before, and i'll say it again. I LOVE Steph! She cracks me up!!!!

spirit_of_the_doll: hoho
spirit_of_the_doll: falalala
spirit_of_the_doll: i've got youuuuu under my skin....
spirit_of_the_doll: i've got you, deep in the heart of meeeee
spirit_of_the_doll: melisa ann selvadurai.....you're the D sting of my guitar
spirit_of_the_doll: the sound hole of my acoustic
spirit_of_the_doll: the amplifier of my beating heart!!
spirit_of_the_doll: dum dum dum dum
spirit_of_the_doll: your fingernails are like guitar picks made from ivory
spirit_of_the_doll:your nose as sharp and aquline as a tuning fork
melisa ann: wats aquline?
spirit_of_the_doll: your teeth as even and straight as the frets of my Fender
spirit_of_the_doll: or was it aqualine?
spirit_of_the_doll: hoho
melisa ann: aquiline
melisa ann: curved down like an eagles beak????
melisa ann: my nose aint aquiline!!!
spirit_of_the_doll: hahahahahha
spirit_of_the_doll: ok fine...another word for tuning fork...
spirit_of_the_doll: your nose ......damnit
spirit_of_the_doll: scratch the tuning fork
melisa ann: LOL
spirit_of_the_doll: bah i can't think of anymore...you distracted me


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