Wednesday, September 20, 2006


sometimes i wish i was far far away from all this hustle and bustle.
somewhere far out where my phones don't work and there's no power to plug a laptop or even an ipod into. maybe then i'd feel more connected to God. Like you'd be able to just be STILL. and not worry bout deadlines, friends, home, church and work. It would be just me and The Big Guy.

I'd have my notebook/sketch book/journal with me though. At times like that, the ideas and thoughts would just constantly flow! Like as if i'd tapped into this spring of creativity and visions and i'd be drinking up as much as i can!
Well, all that, i assume would happen IF i actually manage to get out of here lah.

Well i've come close i guess. I've had the whole house to myself the past few days, and besides my syiok sendiri dancing moments, i've had a pretty quiet time and lots of space to just think and reflect.

There's just a whole series of changes that are taking place. I'm pretty excited but at the same time wary. I don't say as much as i should and i don't speak most of what's on my mind. So i guess what i do say, weighs a lot and for those of you who've been a part of my life, i thank you for listening and understanding, sharing and caring.

I'm pretty excited bout the current project i'm working on. It will be revealed real soon. *crosses fingers* I thank you for being so enthusiastic and for pushing me to carry on.

I'm looking forward to Chiller Plant as well. Everything's still hazy now... but things are slowly taking shape. I'm looking forward to seeing you in November. We're definately making this work!

And so for now, i'll return to completing my book on life. But here's where i assume the art of just being...

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