Thursday, October 12, 2006

created to create

God is the greatest artist to ever exist. If there is one living thing that understands the need to create, it is Him. I wish I could say i chose to be a designer because i was inspired by God. Inspired by the wonder of creation and the need to create which was built deep in the very core of me.


More than often, i think i suck at what I do, and perhaps i became a designer by chance instead of just by choice. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy what i do, but that doesn't necessasarily mean I'm good at what i do.

There's like a million things I love doing which fall under the 'Design & Art' category. None of which I would consider my forte, but I enjoy it nonetheless. It keeps me going. It gives me reason to wake up each morning. The unfinished painting, the cross stitch half done, the song half written, the design in progress, the website under construction...

I'm no musician yet I will write song lyrics that may never be sung. I will bluff my way through writing guitar riffs that may never be played. I will record musical ramblings that will likely never see the light of day.

As with designs, there's some which i've put up on walls while some are just taking up disc space. There's many more i have yet to transfer from mind to paper, and the others... are the most atrocious things you've laid eyes upon. I should have given up by now....

But when tomorrow comes, I will sate my thirst to create. I'll keep on at it. Cause well, that's what i've grown to love doing. It’s hard to keep going when your strengths or deeds go unnoticed. No one appreciates good art eh. Its all subjective so they say. And I do get tired. When the daily routine becomes more draining and i feel like i'm not giving of myself. Perhaps I need to re-prioritize, remember dreams, and run after them.

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