Tuesday, October 31, 2006

on being 20

First of all, i have to say.... its great being 20!!!!

owhh come on!!!! 3 years ain't that much of a difference! okok its great being 23 too. :p
Thank you for showing up and for the pizza and enormous cake and the BJ game (we shall never bring that up again! and NEVER play it again either)

November's a day away and i'm freaking out!!!
There's still so much to do and the GIG is approaching fast and NAGLP is still not up yet and work's piling up!

But its all GoOd~! I need the stress right about now. Need to be kept occupied. But I also need to find that quiet space. Where i tune out the world and tune in to TheBigGuy.fm

Sometimes, things just get so crazy and you get so caught up in trying to do things right. You plan and practice and life becomes one big ritual. It's more than just singing 5 songs during worship and keeping a sharing under 45 minutes. Its more than just playing 4/4 bars and playing a song in E instead of a D.

Right now.... I don't wanna be weighed down by stuff which aren't going right. I know the past few months have been pretty much a mess. I'm sorry but I just can't be bothered anymore. Relationships, responsibilities.... blehh. Screw it.

I love being in control of what i do. If things aren't goin well, i try and fix it. I can't help being nice. I hate it when people keep saying i'm "nice". Makes it sound like "owh, Mel's nice! what a pushover!" I wish I could be real mean. Maybe I am sometimes. But I've arrived at that place where i begin to Let Go and Let God. I can't be everything for everyone. I can barely even keep myself afloat.

Anyway.... this isn't exactly where i was planning to take this post, but owh well, still.... all's good.

23 ROCKS!!
It's like Michael Jordan's number man. You definately can't go wrong at 23.

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