Wednesday, October 11, 2006

we're good now

i almost fell off my chair when you messaged me....
it's been far too long.
boy do i miss you.
our pool sessions, our long conversations, dancing, the music, you and your weird Japanese experimental rock, me and well.... yeah whatever i listen to.

Thank you for being so honest with me. I've missed the openess. Just miss talking to you. Things were so much simpler back in Alpha & Beta. Thank you for seeing me just the way I am. I'm surprised you even remember what I was like. I'm still pretty much the same. All the feelings seem so familiar. Yet i know, that's one path i won't be walking down again. The longing for things long gone. New memories seem harder to make when we're harping on all the old ones.

"I never knew you can be so down. All you ever did was smile. It was hard to see you cry. Now it's growing in you. At times ... don't think too much between the lines. Or you'll become like me. Jaded."

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