Thursday, November 30, 2006

lil shorts....

  • Charis..... I'm sooo gonna miss you! I think i'll cry saying our goodbyes. Yes i'm a drama queen. Ugh i'm already tearing trying to write this post.

  • Bryan.... glad i got to catch your last gig over here. Dude, your set was super the emo la. But... me likey!!! I'll most likely cry when you leave too. Blehh. Yes i'm sappy.

  • I woke up with a dance choreographed in my head! I LURVEEEEE dreaming of dances. hehe. But trying to replay them again and try out the steps.... not so easy.

  • I just got back from the doctors. I've officially lost my voice. The doctor seemed rather worried tho, cause this is like the second time i've lost my voice in the past 5 months. But anyway, all's fine and he said it's probly just some viral infection.
    Having laryngitis ain't fun. People have been constantly making fun of me! :( blehh. I'm back at work now and the staff memo reads "Melisa will be in later today. She's gone to the doctor to treat her laryngitis. She's lost her voice completely, so avoid asking her questions please :)" And nope... people don't usually adhere to memos. :p
  • Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    the aftermath

    ...and so after all that hard work, i find myself voiceless and shivering under 2 layers of clothes..
    yup. dats right. i'm sick.
    But it was well worth it! We totally enjoyed Chiller Plant. And the guys (+ one girl) rocked the night away!

    Kudos to Unabashed, Oneted and PG165. You guys were awesome!!!

    I truly appreciate Aaron and gang who came all the way from Penang, as well as the Melakans who stayed back after the Hillsong United concert. Stef, Elaine and the girls, was great having you over!!! Really sorry I couldn't spend more time with you tho :(
    To the two of you who prayed with me when i was scared silly, thank you. I love you guys! *hugz*
    The Hillsong concert was really really awesome too and that deserves a whole post to itself.... but as i'm a lil short on time, check out this blog for the story.

    All in all.... GREAT weekend.... but i'm so NOT looking forward to what awaits me for the rest of the year.
    i'm just feeling so..... ahh well here's a picture to describe it

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    Monday, November 20, 2006


    that's right.
    goin bonkers.
    but be prepared for this:

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    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    mumble jumble

    I've been keeping myself busy with preparing for this

    I've been cracking up at the office, getting my daily dose of this. I lOVEEEEE the crocs.

    That reminds me that Christmas is around the corner~!

    Owh and i'm currently listening to a song that's really not cool and would totally taint my rocker chick status. But..... its soooo catchyyyyyyyy!!!!
    But haha Weeliem likes it too! Dude, if word gets out... i'm dragging you down with me!!! Muahahaha.
    And yes i really really miss you too!!!!

    Well today, according to Jason, i'm pretty emo. Well thankfully not as emo as this one. But she's hillarious. If i really were emo, i'd beat the crap outta her!
    And Larry (not his real name), thinks i'm a grave looking person. "Your deep set eyes make you look like a serious, no joke kind of girl"
    Well me thinks that's a whole lot better than the many who've just come up to me saying "Mel, are you on something? You look really stoned"

    And today, i really really miss these whacky people.

    And since this post is already full of pictures, here's one from the wedding last weekend! PS: Justin is HAWT!!

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    Wednesday, November 15, 2006


    Thanks to Wayne, i'm hooked on this song.

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    Iris reborn

    Steph's ingenuity, verbal skills and incongruity has the power to evoke laughter and brighten the dullest of days!

    spirit_of_the_doll: im gonna call my daughter Iris
    spirit_of_the_doll: heehee
    spirit_of_the_doll: cos i read in this book, one of the character's name was Iris. she drove her car off a bridge to commit suicide...SWEEEET!!

    Iris reborn

    Steph's ingenuity, verbal skills and incongruity has the power to evoke laughter and brighten the dullest of days!

    spirit_of_the_doll: im gonna call my daughter Iris
    spirit_of_the_doll: heehee
    spirit_of_the_doll: cos i read in this book, one of the character's name was Iris. she drove her car off a bridge to commit suicide...SWEEEET!!

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    cause we all need one

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    Monday, November 13, 2006

    the weekend

    Despite being in a melancholic disposition for the past few weeks, i'm glad i took that getaway to Melaka. It sorta helped put things in perspective and I think i've manage to tie down a few running thoughts... sort of.

    Well the wedding was pretty cool. PG165 totally rocked. Super jiwang man. And Justin, i'm sold out. Fan for life! *swoon* Jason's solos were amazing!! Its a pity we were so far away from the stage tho. *sigh*
    Kudos to the wedding singer, Sam! The girls at our table have dibs on you for their wedding! Well not so soon la. *grin*

    Anyway, i think i managed to catch up on the nutrition i lost during the bout of food poisoning. I got to eat my Nyonya Laksa and cheese tarts!!!! We had really nice Nyonya food too~! Woohoo~!

    We kinda crashed Styne's bday after the wedding too. His house is BEEAUUUTIFULLLL!!! Well Happy 21st Bday Justyne! Hope you had a good one!

    Now as i sit here at the office, i'm still day dreaming bout the weekend and the cheese tarts sitting in my fridge. Should i head home for lunch to feast on em? hehe. Well i doubt i'd even have time for lunch. Blogging and Google reader has taken up most of my morning! ugh. I sooo need to buck up!

    Well the excitement builds as the 25th approaches and I'm goin bonkers trying to get things in order for the gig. I think i've got my word for the season. But I'm overcome with apprehension and anxiety. I'm sorta freaking out and might probrably bail when the time comes. heh.

    But for now... work comes a-calling!

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    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    i wonder ...

    if You get goosebumps when i say "I love you Lord"

    I love You Lord
    And i lift my voice
    To worship you
    O my soul rejoice
    Take joy my King
    In what you hear
    Let it be a sweet sweet sound
    In your Ear

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    Thursday, November 09, 2006


    oy humbug!
    I'm ill.
    like 6 trips to the toilet plus 2 puking sessions kinda ill.

    I'm hungreh! someone make me a damn cheesecake! Owh and i'd like one Chicken McDeluxe and a chocolate sundae tooo!
    While we're at it.... i'm craving for Tom Yam noodles. From that specific stall back in BM. and STEAMBOAT!!!!! *drool* ok maybe not. I tend to burn my tongue whenever we have steamboat.

    Satay celup perhaps? huhu. I sure hope i'm better by tomorrow! Cause Melacca, here I come~!
    WheeEE cheese tarts! Nyonya Laksa!
    sigh... even that porridge place seems inviting.

    Monday, November 06, 2006


    why do you always have to make me make such tough decisions?!
    why do you always put me on the spot?!
    why do I even bother bout it?!
    can't you just let me be?!
    i'll be contented as an island.
    maybe i'd be happier too don't you think?
    I can't be weighed down bout your troubles too.
    I've got more than enough of my own.
    Maybe i should just cease communication.
    Maybe i should just run and never go home.
    I still wish i'd die young.
    but more than that i just wish you knew that i bleed too
    and it hurts more than you care to know.

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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    Bridging The Gap

    Hey folks~! It's November!!!
    Take out your calenders and circle the 25th cause you definately don't wanna miss this!!!

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