Thursday, November 30, 2006

lil shorts....

  • Charis..... I'm sooo gonna miss you! I think i'll cry saying our goodbyes. Yes i'm a drama queen. Ugh i'm already tearing trying to write this post.

  • Bryan.... glad i got to catch your last gig over here. Dude, your set was super the emo la. But... me likey!!! I'll most likely cry when you leave too. Blehh. Yes i'm sappy.

  • I woke up with a dance choreographed in my head! I LURVEEEEE dreaming of dances. hehe. But trying to replay them again and try out the steps.... not so easy.

  • I just got back from the doctors. I've officially lost my voice. The doctor seemed rather worried tho, cause this is like the second time i've lost my voice in the past 5 months. But anyway, all's fine and he said it's probly just some viral infection.
    Having laryngitis ain't fun. People have been constantly making fun of me! :( blehh. I'm back at work now and the staff memo reads "Melisa will be in later today. She's gone to the doctor to treat her laryngitis. She's lost her voice completely, so avoid asking her questions please :)" And nope... people don't usually adhere to memos. :p

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    awww...poor dear! you take care alright. im no doctor but I know One that can really help you. :D *hugz*


    6:46 AM  
    Blogger afu said...

    patut laa "silence is always misinterprated" aja!

    take care yah!

    3:00 PM  

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