Thursday, November 16, 2006

mumble jumble

I've been keeping myself busy with preparing for this

I've been cracking up at the office, getting my daily dose of this. I lOVEEEEE the crocs.

That reminds me that Christmas is around the corner~!

Owh and i'm currently listening to a song that's really not cool and would totally taint my rocker chick status. But..... its soooo catchyyyyyyyy!!!!
But haha Weeliem likes it too! Dude, if word gets out... i'm dragging you down with me!!! Muahahaha.
And yes i really really miss you too!!!!

Well today, according to Jason, i'm pretty emo. Well thankfully not as emo as this one. But she's hillarious. If i really were emo, i'd beat the crap outta her!
And Larry (not his real name), thinks i'm a grave looking person. "Your deep set eyes make you look like a serious, no joke kind of girl"
Well me thinks that's a whole lot better than the many who've just come up to me saying "Mel, are you on something? You look really stoned"

And today, i really really miss these whacky people.

And since this post is already full of pictures, here's one from the wedding last weekend! PS: Justin is HAWT!!

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Blogger neo said...

hey babe.
I miss you too:(
sighz. too bad ur house is so far away.
chill soon ok

haha. i ain't sayin a word about the song.....
*lips are sealed*

see u

11:38 AM  

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