Monday, November 06, 2006


why do you always have to make me make such tough decisions?!
why do you always put me on the spot?!
why do I even bother bout it?!
can't you just let me be?!
i'll be contented as an island.
maybe i'd be happier too don't you think?
I can't be weighed down bout your troubles too.
I've got more than enough of my own.
Maybe i should just cease communication.
Maybe i should just run and never go home.
I still wish i'd die young.
but more than that i just wish you knew that i bleed too
and it hurts more than you care to know.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeap maybe you'd be happier,
i'm sorry if it's me that you're talking about.
for asking you to call... sorry..

8:51 AM  

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