Monday, November 13, 2006

the weekend

Despite being in a melancholic disposition for the past few weeks, i'm glad i took that getaway to Melaka. It sorta helped put things in perspective and I think i've manage to tie down a few running thoughts... sort of.

Well the wedding was pretty cool. PG165 totally rocked. Super jiwang man. And Justin, i'm sold out. Fan for life! *swoon* Jason's solos were amazing!! Its a pity we were so far away from the stage tho. *sigh*
Kudos to the wedding singer, Sam! The girls at our table have dibs on you for their wedding! Well not so soon la. *grin*

Anyway, i think i managed to catch up on the nutrition i lost during the bout of food poisoning. I got to eat my Nyonya Laksa and cheese tarts!!!! We had really nice Nyonya food too~! Woohoo~!

We kinda crashed Styne's bday after the wedding too. His house is BEEAUUUTIFULLLL!!! Well Happy 21st Bday Justyne! Hope you had a good one!

Now as i sit here at the office, i'm still day dreaming bout the weekend and the cheese tarts sitting in my fridge. Should i head home for lunch to feast on em? hehe. Well i doubt i'd even have time for lunch. Blogging and Google reader has taken up most of my morning! ugh. I sooo need to buck up!

Well the excitement builds as the 25th approaches and I'm goin bonkers trying to get things in order for the gig. I think i've got my word for the season. But I'm overcome with apprehension and anxiety. I'm sorta freaking out and might probrably bail when the time comes. heh.

But for now... work comes a-calling!

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