Friday, December 29, 2006

dream on...

Who knew that one trip to the bookstore would set my perspective right.

I don't feel so lost anymore. I know for sure that I still have the same dreams and passions. I still don't see the end or the light at the end of the tunnel. It still feels like i'm groping in the dark. But i'm still trusting. I know where i need to be. I know YOU're right here walking with me.

Sometimes i do lose sight of the vision. Sometimes i do think its all a waste of time and i feel like King Solomon in Ecclesiastes. I get whiny and sound like a character from Prozac Nation. But I thank God for the little tugs i receive which brings me back to solid ground.

I think I was slowly giving up. On life, on everything I believed in, in my dreams, but I thank YOU Lord for showing me that YOU still have great plans for me. I thank YOU for showing me that every dream is a possibility, that the little things do matter and that i just gotta press on. But most of all I thank YOU for assuring me that i ain't alone.

I know things change and i don't expect friends to remain the same or situation to remain unchanged. SO today, I look forward to the change YOU're bringing with the new year. I thank YOU for the dreams that have still remained and which have grown.


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