Thursday, January 18, 2007

another bout of randomness

"You had me at 'Hello' "
Corny line but i sooo love that movie.
Secret Garden's playing on my ipod. I'm feeling sappy. heh.

I like Vespa's

I think white is the closests to being perfect. I like white. I like white empty spaces. I like cottonny white clouds. I like white walls. It leaves your mind with space to wonder. I think black on white is the coolest thing over.
Yes i'm predictable.

I'm havin Maggi cup noodles for lunch. owh boy! I miss the MSG thrill!

I havent had a problem free connection in weeks! Its pissing me off.... but i think blogging's helping me get my mind of things. I'm pretty close to pushing my computer out the 10th floor. But i don't think my boss will be too happy bout it. heh.

On another note, I've been smiling a lot lately. The Big Guy's been REALLY good to me. I thank God for his Grace and the identity i've found in Him.

Well i thank God for Maxis - Maxis transcations as well. =D that's making up for the sucky/lack of internet connections.

Rocky sticks really rock! Yummy!


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