Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Sometimes its like holding on too tightly till your knuckles turn white and your muscles ache.
You just cling on to what you think you can control. But then you realise, you never were really in control of anything at all.

And then comes along something else and every muscle inside you yearns to just reach out and grab a hold of it. You just need to feel something solid. Something tangible. But what if it isn't real? What if everything around you is just a mirage?

I ask questions i don't want the answers to. yeah, you said it, i'm introspective. I like having something concrete. I question too much. Trust is hard to come by... but i'm letting go.

Waiting for the complete story... where i rest and be still and let You do the writing. This year begins the restoration. Help me think YOUR thoughts and walk the paths YOU have chosen for me.


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