Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I'm plagued by bouts of insomnia again.
I haven't had a decent night's rest in ..... a long time.
I lay awake listening to the traffic outside while I stare at the lights dancing on my ceiling.
I shift position and continue my conversation with You. You say its all gonna be okay.
I haven't felt this safe in months.
You seem to know my every thought and know all that I'm going through.
I tell you bout my day and read you the feel-good smses i've received.
I tell you bout work and the projects i'm working on.
I tell you my concerns bout my friends and bout my family.
And you say 'Don't worry'.
Cause you've got them all under your wings too.
I'm glad.
A gentle lullaby plays in my ear. I haven't the knowledge to write down the notes. But its okay. I hear a different tune every night.
I'm assured that You're there watching over me, as i turn over and snuggle deeper under my covers and wait for sleep to envelope me.


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